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    Buying Hatching Eggs  

Here is some of information in regards to eggs bought in auctions or online.

As a SELLER We post the freshest eggs available, package eggs securely in new poly boxes designed for the purpose and use either 1st class recorded or special delivery postage.

” Circumstances beyond my control" are words often used by an egg sellers in reference to after the eggs leave their care. This covers: rough handling by the Post Office or other courier when the package is en-route; changes in temperature, the eggs being in direct sunlight, very near a heater or air conditioner and out in the cold. As far as after the eggs are received by a buyer, the seller does not necessarily know or should not be held responsible for "circumstances beyond control" that could have an adverse effect on a buyer's hatch, such as: not "resting" the eggs properly before setting; not properly disinfecting the incubator (or other equipment) between hatches; incubation equipment failure; power outages; kids or pets disturbing the incubator; incubator having been placed in too warm or too cool an area; incubator being opened too often or for too long a period of time; improper humidity levels; improper turning, etc. It therefore be should be assumed that a seller has no responsibility for posted eggs after they leave their hands. 99% of sellers are honest people, who do their up most to ensure you receive your eggs quickly and in perfect condition.

As a buyer: Unwrap eggs and allow to settle for 24 hours before placing in the incubator. Your incubator should have been on for a couple of days and running at a steady temperature before placing you eggs in it. The incubator should have been cleaned and disinfected prior to use.


How far along are the eggs? When will they hatch?

Will they be OK in the airing cupboard?

Got the eggs OK, what now?

Some of you may be having a quiet snigger to yourselves others maybe saying “and? What are the answers” truth is these are genuine messages I have received after people have received eggs. Please note: to hatch eggs you must have an incubator or a broody hen, the airing cupboard just won’t do!


Most sellers including myself test their eggs on a regular basis for fertility and may include the results in their listings, but can this can only be used as a guide, you are buying eggs NOT the guarantee or implied guarantee of any hatch rate. We are selling a product of Mother Nature and cannot be held personally responsible for fertility rates, shapes or sizes.

Here are a few helpful egg terms

FERTILE - An egg that could develop an embryo is fertile. This does NOT mean it is necessarily an egg that will hatch. Also, it is NOT a safe assumption that because it did not hatch/develop, that it was not fertile.

VIABLE - An egg that is capable of surviving (hatching). Not all fertile eggs are necessarily viable. Some eggs may develop, but the chick may not pip, or the chick may pip but die before hatching. This is usually an incubation problem, typical of incorrect humidity.

CLEAR EGG - A clear egg is NOT necessarily an infertile egg. A clear egg is one in which no embryonic development is seen. This could be due to improper egg storage, rough handling in posting, or incubator problems as far as regulation of heat, opening incubator too frequently or for too long a period of time, chilling an egg.

As for the freshness of eggs and hatchability; I have seen on sources on the internet state that you must incubate an egg within 7 days of being laid; It is BEST to do this, and the viability or hatchability of the egg may decrease after 7 days, especially if it is not stored under optimal conditions. The average hen will lay a lot more than 7 eggs before deciding to sit, some ornamental fowl do not lay eggs every day but will still successfully hatch 10 or more eggs. Our eggs are never more than 3 days when posted.

If you want a guarantee of 100% Fertility, Viability and Hatchability please do not purchase eggs online nobody can guarantee this.

Hope this has been of some help





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Hatching Eggs

Hatching Eggs