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Embden Geese 


Embden Goose

Embden Geese are expert foragers and will make a meal out of virtually anything. Geese kept in a small enclosure will quickly eat areas bald and kill trees by removing the bark.
There are many commercial hybrids that look similar but they are shorter and do not have the clear blue eyes .

Embden Goose

Embden Goose

We have found them to be friendly and docile. They do fight amongst themselves during the breeding season and the ganders can be aggressive whilst protecting the sitting goose or young goslings.
If handled from a young age they can become very friendly. Female goslings tend to have a darker grey down than the males. Some grey feathers can be found in young first year females, typically on their back or rump but eventually they will end up as pure white.

Embden Goslings

Goose Eggs

They don't always lay where you want them to!
Our geese free range all day. They are not great wanderers, preferring to stay close to home.

Geese Running

Call Ducks

Call Duckling


Embden Goose


Dewlap Gosling

Hatching Eggs

Hatching Eggs